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Our antiquarian bookshop could help you to find any czech book. We have thousands of books on our stock. We supply many bohemistic or slavistic departments, publishers and libraries. We also help collectors to find czech version of their favorite book or author.

On this website we have a few catalogues. They are in czech but in ASCII code. Prices are in czech crowns, 23 crowns=1 US dollar.
  1. Thomas Garrigue Masaryk
  2. John Huss
  3. John Amos Comenius
  4. Czechoslovakia 1918-1948
  5. Airplanes and Airforce
  6. Signed Books
  7. Bozena Nemcova and Her Grandmother
  8. F.X. Salda - Czech Literary Criticism
  9. Otokar Brezina - Czech Poet
  10. Peter Bezruc and Silesian Songs
  11. Lusatia
  12. K. H. Macha and his May
  13. Bohumil Hrabal - Hrabaliana
  14. Jaroslav Seifert - Nobel Prize
  15. Karel and Josef Capek
  16. Czechoslovak Legions
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